• Cochlear Implant
  • Audiological Tests
  • Neonatal Screening
  • Speech Therapy
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Hearing Loss

  • Conductive Hearing Loss
  • Sensorineural Hearing Loss
  • Central Hearing Loss
  • Mixed Hearing Loss
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Hearing Aid

  • Behind the ear aids (BTE)
  • In the ear aids (ITE)
  • Complete in the canal (ITC)
  • Open-fit devices
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  • Pure Tone Audiometry
  • Speech Audiometry
  • Otacoustic Emission Testing
  • Special Audiological Test
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About Us and Vision

This is a centre for the diagnosis and Treatment of the young children and adults with speech, languages and hearing challenges.

Our vision is to be recognized as one of the leading centre which provides best services to the individual with communication and hearing disorder and which improve their quality of life.

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